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Getting Personal

Karen Larabee Waller, Principal
October 15, 2014

One of the challenges in today’s fast-paced society is cutting through all the clutter to enrich those meaningful connections we all have – whether that’s with our clients, donors, friends or even our own families. In an age where so much communication is accomplished by text, webinars, over the phone or on the run, the most meaningful gestures can come at unexpected times and delivered the “old-fashioned way,” right into our mailbox rather than the inbox.

While email and technology have their place, I have found that dropping a handwritten note to celebrate life’s little victories – graduations, weddings, births, retirements or promotions is an effective way to nurture and maintain important relationships.

All relationships need attention. People need to know, “I’m here, thinking about you and excited for the adventure life is bringing your way.”  The same is true in the nonprofit setting – are you making sure you steward the donors and prospects that are helping advance your mission? Are you taking time to tell them they are important throughout the year, and not just after a gift has been made?  Yes, you need a robust, multi-faceted stewardship program, but make sure you’re still doing the basics; because it may be those small gestures that make all the difference.