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More than a Site Visit

Angela Hodson, Principal
April 24, 2014

Nothing connects you more to the mission of an organization than physically standing in the middle of it and seeing the faces of those impacted. Whether you are walking along a muddy trail to a campsite for Cub Scouts, helping to assemble and deliver meals at a food bank, or touring a community hospital – you connect on a much deeper level when you have boots on the ground and work with those you serve.

The effort it takes to get a board member or donor to your site is worth it. To fully understand the impact of an organization, one must experience it, and see first-hand the lives – that are being taught, healed, inspired, fed, protected and impacted by an organization.

A typical site visit may show how your building is fantastic or modest, it may outline the array of programs you offer, or the vast area you cover, but does it connect the person you are touring to those you serve?

Often times, it may require thinking outside of the box to fully engage a volunteer or donor on a deeper level. You may want to invite them to:

• Tour the Children’s Ward of your hospital;
• Participate in the construction of your latest Habitat for Humanity house;
• Deliver a scholarship to a recipient;
• Hand a meal tray to your clients;
• Partner with an at risk youth;
• Teach a life-skill class in their area of expertise to your families.

We all know this is important and that we should be doing it, but do you have a plan in place that makes it happen?  Schedule it as a part of your board orientation, and put dates on the calendar for this type of donor engagement activity and fill them with donors or board members.