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Recently a volunteer mentioned to a colleague that he was a “round table person.” He was characterizing his leadership style, not his interior design philosophy.  It sounds a little silly — that the sort of conference table that you choose for an office says something about your leadership style. He went on to explain that the best ideas in his career had come from conversations that happened around the round table in his conference room. A table where everyone’s ideas were important, debated and judged equally on their merit – not based on who they came from.

Round table leadership says:

“I’m going to surround myself with the best and the brightest and we’re going to make a big difference – together.”

“I’m going to recruit those that are strong where I’m weak so that together we’re positioned to take on any challenge.”

“We’re going to discuss ideas and solutions not worry about org charts.”

Round table leadership is creative, motivating and engaging. Building broad buy-in engenders a sense of team work that excites constituents both internally and externally. Of course, someone has to ultimately make a decision, but the round table style leader has involved his team so it has become “our decision” and a shared goal.

Are you a round table person? Leadership – specifically volunteer leadership – is one of the key pieces that drive the ultimate success of an organization. We’ve developed an online assessment tool to help you assess your nonprofit organization’s board and volunteer leadership, as well as illuminate areas that might be poised for continued growth. Click here to give it a spin.