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Evan Wildstein

Consulting Projects Manager, Houston

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Evan knows the arts — but more than the arts, he knows nonprofit institutions and how they work. With over a dozen years of experience supporting the marketing, fundraising and artistic programming at The Julliard School, OPERA America, Houston Grand Opera and Asia Society Texas Center, Evan has developed insights on what makes cultural organizations successful. By extension, he has learned the secrets of nonprofit management and fundraising success. A trained musician, Evan found his way from New York to Texas and Dini Spheris, where he brings the disciplines of his avocation to his daily work. Focus, energy and drive are coupled with a great sense of humor and innate creativity, making him a welcomed team member in every client setting.

More than an artist, Evan studied artistic administration which led him to his admiration for and interest in the business functions of nonprofit organizations. For his clients, Evan’s full range of left- and right-brained skills, complement a personality that exudes welcome and well-being.

Representative Clients Served

  • Fountain Valley School of Colorado

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