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Greater Houston Partnership

Houston, TX

Dini Spheris Office: Houston


Houston has been topping lists for the last few years now – best city for real estate investment, top destination city for college grads, best cities for manufacturing, top destination city and even best indoor waterpark! The growth and success of Houston can, in large part, be attributed to the economic and stable stronghold it has worked to establish for itself over the last decade.

On November 18, friends from all over the city of Houston will gather in Discovery Green to celebrate an amazing achievement – adding over 600,000 jobs to the region from 2005 – 2015 and meeting the goal one year ahead of schedule!

A little less than ten years ago, the Greater Houston Partnership (GHP) announced Opportunity Houston, an initiative tasked with helping grow the Houston economy. Dini Spheris began working with GHP, campaign chair Drayton McLane Jr. and the board of directors to create the appropriate fundraising model to approach businesses and donors in the city with a bold, transformational economic and marketing campaign.

With a goal of growing the Houston region as a business magnet and gateway to global markets, stakeholders knew the best way to do that was by adding jobs. So, the campaign set out to add 600,000 jobs to the economy.

The first phase of Opportunity Houston occurred before the recession and saw incredible success, raising over $32 million and bringing over 250 projects to the Houston region. However, the recession meant pausing the campaign for a brief period. GHP re-engaged their efforts in full force in 2012 and launched Opportunity Houston 2.0, which raised $22 million; attracting corporations, developing the workforce and enhancing Houston’s image to help increase and attract top talent.

Dini Spheris has served as a partner in all phases of the project, and in a few short weeks we are honored to help Greater Houston Partnership celebrate this major milestone. Speaking of the engagement, campaign chair Drayton McLane Jr. reiterates, “The partnership with Dini Spheris was instrumental in the fundraising success of Opportunity Houston and Opportunity Houston 2.0, together raising over $54 million. Even interrupted by a financial and economic crisis, the strong commitment and creative approaches of the leadership meant we were still able to meet our very ambitious campaign and job creation goals.”

Congratulations Houston, Greater Houston Partnership and Opportunity Houston – we did it!


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