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INTEGRIS Foundation

Oklahoma City, OK

Dini Spheris Office: Houston

Creating new board and reporting structure

Providing personalized care that improves health of people and communities

Unique solutions created positive experiences


One of the keys to high-performing nonprofit organizations is the effective engagement of volunteer leadership. INTEGRIS Foundation, the supporting foundation for Oklahoma’s INTEGRIS Health Care System, hired Dini Spheris to evaluate its volunteer engagement and re-organize its volunteer structure to improve and preserve long-term donor relationships.

The Foundation had recently employed a new executive director, and under his leadership, desired to increase its focus on building prospect relationships and proactively raising funds to support the hospital system. Unfortunately, the executive director found himself spending a great deal of time managing rather than achieving the philanthropic goals of the Foundation due to a complicated organizational structure which included:

  • Three foundation boards;
  • Several local hospital supporting organization boards; and
  • New internal legal regulations requiring anyone with a business conflict of interest to step down from their board position, regardless of their length of service.

This all made for an extremely sensitive, almost unmanageable scenario.

Needing to establish a streamlined governing structure, while preserving important and long-term relationships with board members, Dini Spheris worked closely with staff members and volunteer leadership to select a task force – representative of each of the 13 hospitals within the state-wide INTEGRIS Hospital System. Dini Spheris, in partnership with this task force, focused on accomplishing three primary goals:

1. Navigate the Foundation through sensitive relationship and donor issues;
2. Create a new board structure that was inclusive, philanthropically-focused; and
3. Meet all the internal legal requirements of the hospital.

Over the course of three months, Dini Spheris guided the task team to a unique solution, establishing one Foundation governing board and local philanthropic councils. The Foundation board now oversees the foundation and its assets while the councils focus on presidential priorities impacting their local hospitals, in their local communities. Additionally, the task team and Dini Spheris developed guiding principles and processes that integrated the Foundation board, the local philanthropic councils and the hospital governing board.

In all, the process engendered support from many different constituency groups, preserved important long-term hospital and foundation relationships and positioned the Foundation for a philanthropically-focused future.

Services Provided

Board and Volunteer Coaching

Strategic Planning


In the end, our team’s knowledge of best board practices and industry standards, coupled with out-of-the box thinking, not only allowed the hospital system to meet its structural goals, but also assured volunteers that their long-term volunteerism was embraced and valued. Dini Spheris successfully transformed the volunteer structure, which resulted in greater decision-making efficiency, more active board participation and increased giving.  The successful completion of this multi-faceted project led INTEGRIS to approach us again for our expertise to restructure the foundation staff and develop a new strategic vision and plan for the coming year.

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