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"Dini Spheris has the experience and knowledge to help nonprofits that have not engaged in a campaign before. They bring a level of creativity and good ideas to the table to enhance results and create a more professional fundraising environment."
Norton  Rainey III
Norton Rainey III
Executive Director
Ace Scholarships
"The fundraising counsel and mentoring Dini Spheris provided has given us the confidence, vision and understanding to respect and establish lasting relationships with donors. Having no prior fundraising experience, I am very appreciative of the training and services provided to us by Dini Spheris."
"My relationship with Dini Spheris spans more than 20 years; and each consulting engagement has been marked by a depth and breadth of knowledge concerning the philanthropic community and the project at hand."
Sandra Estess
Sandra Estess
Campaign Executive Committee Member
Texas Health Resources
"Dini Spheris helped us envision who we could be and helped us set a course to get there. Without Dini Spheris, we would not have been able to achieve the incredible outcomes that have resulted in increased enrollment, increased donors, increased giving, better branding and change in attitude of employees, leadership and our families."
James McIntyre
James McIntyre
Father Ryan High School
"Dini Spheris has been involved in all our major fundraising initiatives since that initial campaign in 2002. Through a comprehensive strategic plan, every aspect of our fundraising operation was reviewed, improved, overhauled and implemented to help us achieve our first $1 million gift. And they have remained committed to teaching the how-to’s for success."
Sandy  Ogletree, CFRE
Sandy Ogletree, CFRE
Executive Director
University Medical Center Foundation
"They gave us the confidence to take the steps needed to undertake a major gifts campaign, securing the future of our organization and the children and families from South Texas whom we serve."
Laura Ilgun and  Dr. Ken Landrum
Laura Ilgun and Dr. Ken Landrum
Executive Director and Chairman of the Board
Vannie E. Cook Jr. Foundation

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