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To Our Neighbors and Friends in Louisiana and East Texas

Dini Spheris
August 31, 2020


To Our Neighbors and Friends in Louisiana and East Texas
And to those of us who escaped Hurricane Laura’s might:

As the news and pictures continue to reach us at Dini Spheris, our hearts break at the devastation you have suffered at the hands of Hurricane Laura. Our concern is intensified as we learn about the continuing impact — the lack of water and power, the difficulty of securing health care and even simply returning to homes that are no longer habitable. Our hearts and our prayers are with you as you were with us in the days and weeks after Harvey just three years ago. We urge all to consider and choose to support – to pay back and to pay forward – with gratitude and compassion, the good that was shown to us by our neighbors in our time of crisis. The following are a few agencies that can certainly put your gift to work caring for those who have lost so much in Hurricane Laura:

On any correspondence or donation, please be sure to note: Hurricane Laura Relief. We are at our best when we stand together in joy and in suffering. In moments of solidarity, we recognized that we indeed are all one. From all of us at Dini Spheris, our hearts and prayers are with the people of Southwestern Louisiana and East Texas.