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Colleen Hargraves

Consulting Projects Manager


Colleen approaches her work with a deep commitment to empowering communities and fostering impactful change. She is inspired by the passion of those dedicated to making a difference and strives to support and amplify their efforts. Her career in the nonprofit world has been marked by a strong focus on donor engagement and strategic fundraising.

Before joining Dini Spheris, Colleen made significant contributions at Houston Ballet, where she excelled in event planning and donor relations. She is skilled in areas that can make a difference in volunteer and donor engagement and increased revenue generation – from crafting effective solicitation letters, conducting insightful data analysis and building strong donor relationships. Colleen believes that beyond a deep understanding of an organization’s history and mission, it is personal relationships, donor-centric fundraising and donor engagement that are crucial in inspiring donors and stakeholders to invest in its future.

Colleen holds a Bachelor of Arts in art history and ancient Mediterranean studies from Trinity University in San Antonio and a Master of Arts in museum science from Texas Tech University. She is currently pursuing a graduate certificate in Charitable Financial Planning at Texas Tech University. Colleen moved to Houston in 2016, driven by her passion for art and nonprofits, and she is proud to call the city her new hometown.

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