Nevena Demirovic



Part optimist, problem-solver and adventurer, Nevena Demirovic is not afraid of big challenges and complex situations. Resourceful and goal-driven, Nevena envisions opportunity where others see obstacles. Every client setting presents a chance for Nevena to forge new relationships of trust and responsibility. Nevena believes the best path to fundraising and philanthropic success is building strong, collaborative networks of institutional leaders, board members, program staff, volunteers and fundraising professionals. Fundraising success is a team effort. At Dini Spheris, Nevena has guided clients of all sizes, working through campaign planning, campaign counsel and management, development planning, as well as serving in-house as an Interim Advancement Director. Nevena provides each client with a trusted partner who is focused on their unique circumstances, philanthropic goals and strategies. For each, success is a personal responsibility.

Prior to joining Dini Spheris, Nevena spent seven years working in Geneva, Switzerland for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, and the United Nations Refugee Agency. Her work involved major gifts fundraising among globally-focused philanthropists and Fortune 500 companies. Additionally, Nevena worked in the emerging arena of public-private collaborations as she forged new and trusted partnerships to address healthcare, humanitarian and refugee needs at the international level. Nevena first honed her relationship-building skills while working for a private wealth management practice in Merrill Lynch in Houston, Texas. In her previous work at the Global Fund, Nevena was known for both delivering her goals and for the positive culture and energy that surrounded her team.

Nevena holds an MBA from University of Geneva, Switzerland and a Bachelor of Arts with a major in marketing and a minor in international studies from the University of St. Thomas in Houston, graduating both with honors.

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