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Born and raised in Houston, and deeply tied to the Houston Hispanic community, Susana has worked in a fundraising capacity for some of the city’s largest philanthropic institutions. Coming from a modest background, Susana has experienced the power of education firsthand, and its ability to completely change someone’s life trajectory. A first-generation student at the University of Houston, Susana saw the benefit of scholarships and financial aid to students in need, and upon graduation immediately became a development director at her alma mater.

Susana then transitioned to the American Cancer Society as a major gifts director, raising funds for cancer research as well as the campaign to create Hope Lodge in Houston. Susana has held a variety of roles in nonprofit organizations including director of corporate relations, executive director and even adjunct professor of corporate social responsibility. Not only is Susana a natural teacher, she is also a consummate student of people and organizations and has found a great fit at Dini Spheris.

With a passion for continuous personal and professional achievement, Susana obtained her Executive Master of Business Administration from the University of Houston. A strong advocate for volunteerism, Susana gives her time to various organizations, even traveling to South America to assist nonprofit organizations there. Susana excels at the relationship aspect of nonprofit fundraising and management, and works to align the interest of donors to organizations and programs creating long-lasting partnerships.

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