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A fundraiser and social impact executive and consultant, Nadeen is passionate about helping organizations and their impact grow. Nadeen is an economist with over 10 years of nonprofit leadership experience.

Nadeen’s experience includes founding Community Impact Consulting, serving as the Executive Director of TAIBA USA, (an organization which provided training and support in the areas of teaching, advocacy, inclusion, building and leadership for women) and the Impact Development Manager and Department Lead for Uncharted Power in Harlem to consulting for the United Nations: Jordan Regional Office. Nadeen’s work is international, including Houston, New York, Libya, Jordan, and Rwanda, and includes diverse areas of impact including health, economic development, STEAM initiatives, renewables, workforce development and education.

Nadeen earned her BA in International Development, Finance and Economics at the University of St. Thomas and a Master of International Affairs in Economic Development and Management from Columbia University. Additionally, Nadeen earned a Leadership Certificate from the Rice University, Center for Philanthropy, Leadership Institute for Non Profit Executives.

Nadeen serves on the Patient Advisory Committee at Texas Children’s Hospital and the board of the Performing Arts Mosaic in Houston.

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