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Campaign Planning Study

A Campaign Planning Study tests more than feasibility – it is a structured process for clarifying campaign objectives, establishing cost estimates, engaging potential leaders and cultivating initial donors. Using a combination of personal interviews with major philanthropic supporters and surveys of interested constituents, the Campaign Planning Study process is coordinated with a committee of prospective campaign leaders. We then work with these leaders to make sure you possess a transformational vision, clear plans and the philanthropic interest to successfully undertake a major fundraising initiative.

Several models and execution options exist. The Campaign Planning Study process can be tailored and modified according to your needs.

We start with a look at the fundamental building blocks for campaign success, analyzing an organization’s:

  • Case for Support
  • Volunteer Leadership
  • Major Gift Prospects
  • Systems & Staffing
  • Internal & External Timing

While we bring experience and knowledge, we realize we have to learn the nuances and characteristics of your institution. As we learn, we build our recommendations for your organization, creating solutions that reflect your situation and perception in the philanthropic marketplace. The value of this process lies in its inherent ability to uncover insights and constituent sentiments that allow us to fluidly adjust our vision or plans to generate maximum philanthropic interest in the campaign.

These elements are brought together, analyzed and researched to shape a truly comprehensive plan for your proposed campaign – one that can lead to the success and results you desire.