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Campaign Advance®

Campaign Advance® is an exclusive Dini Spheris service that meets the unique needs of seasoned institutions with a history of strong philanthropic support and previously successful campaigns. Campaign Advance® builds on the interview process of a traditional planning study and adds elements of early campaign organization, early gift solicitation and case development that lead to a seamless transition to active campaigning.

To transition successfully, a Campaign Advance® study requires a longer time frame than Campaign Planning or a traditional feasibility study. However, with this extended timetable, the Campaign Advance® service brings its own distinctive benefits:

  • Additional strategic elements, such as leadership development, coaching, prospecting, case development and early gift solicitations, are incorporated into the service.
  • Institutional executives, board members and/or volunteers are actively engaged in joint discovery calls with counsel on major gift prospects.
  • Unlike a traditional feasibility study, advance or early lead gift campaign commitments ideally are already solicited or under consideration.
  • Greater flexibility in the model itself is available, allowing elements to be shifted and moved to prepare for the campaign in the best way possible, building upon the prospects and existing elements of your organization.
  • The single most important benefit of this service is the seamless transition from advance campaign planning to campaign implementation.