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Campaign Capacity Building

Sometimes there is a desire to campaign, but the fundamentals are not in place. The time feels right, the case is clear, but there are missing elements – from the right staffing to shaping the right prospect list. In this instance, the first step before campaign planning is to invest in capacity building. Campaign capacity building takes an a la carte approach to Dini Spheris services, combining elements from our Fundraising, Leadership and Performance services based on your unique needs. These solutions equip your organization and lay the groundwork for successful campaigning.

Often, new or emerging organizations benefit most from this service. By engaging trusted counsel to ensure the building blocks and fundamental elements are in place, they are able to focus on the campaign and fundraising goals.

Foundational success of a campaign depends upon these elements being in place and strategically developed:

  • Case for Support
  • Volunteer Leadership
  • Major Gift Prospects
  • Systems & Staffing
  • Internal & External Timing

At Dini Spheris, we can help ensure these elements are organized and bridge any gap to establish institutional readiness for major gift fundraising and campaign success.