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Campaign Counsel

The hallmark of Dini Spheris fundraising services is our team-based model of campaign counseling. With the combined strength of our experts in campaign strategy, major gifts, campaign operations and the dynamics of day-to-day campaign management, we support the most sophisticated advancement team or the small organization engaged in its first major capital campaign.

Throughout the course of campaign counseling, it’s not unusual to experience a number of additional Dini Spheris services. From this singular service, elements from leadership coaching, prospect analytics or planned giving strategies are often used.

With our team-based approach, our focus is to move the campaign agenda from planning to launch to results. Dini Spheris team members understand the importance of building donor and institutional confidence, maintaining campaign discipline and creative problem-solving. From the campaign’s strategic framework to the unexpected issues, we bring fresh insights to every campaign circumstance.

Our goal is your success. Whether your objectives are new buildings, new programs or greater endowment, each Dini Spheris team has deep experience in planning, direction and implementation of capital campaign and major gift plans. Broad experience and a successful track record aid our ultimate goal of a successful campaign and more efficient organization for you.