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Campaign Management

Occasionally, you may find your institution wanting or needing full-time or some level of residential campaign management. If you desire more than a turnkey approach to a campaign, this service may be what you need. In these circumstances, a Dini Spheris team or team member assumes the total management of a capital or endowment campaign, dedicating themselves, on-site and from their home office, to you and your goals.

Drawing from years of residential management experience, Dini Spheris team members can manage every detail of your campaign – from donor strategies to integration with the existing advancement operation – allowing your team to focus on the continued operation of the organization. Using today’s technologies and years of campaign experience, we become a campaign-focused extension of your own development team, committed to realizing your campaign goals.

Although this model does not fit the needs of all organizations, it can provide immediate help to your institution if you find yourself without campaign management or key institutional personnel. This model is often an effective short-term bridge solution while institutions recruit senior professional or campaign management staff.