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Campaign Readiness Counsel

The conclusion of a campaign planning study may reveal there are circumstances that have to be addressed before going into the campaign. Objectives need clarification. Facility plans must be developed or adjusted. Goals must be set. There are universes of major gift prospects that require specific early cultivation. So, for the times when the work is just beginning, our campaign readiness counseling is designed to guide institutional leaders and advancement teams through the multi-faceted process of campaign formation. These services can take six to twelve months depending on the scope of the project and the institutional context. True campaign readiness leads to confidence and quick action.

The first stage in campaign readiness counseling is to recruit early leaders who will help to ready the organization. Identifying the issues, from the case to systems to prospect evaluation and cultivation, our consultants will work with the leaders to position your organization for a strong campaign beginning. How campaigns begin and how prepared you are for the rigorous work of campaigning often determines how successful you will be. This service is tailored to address specific readiness opportunities in each client organization.