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Major Gift Program Counsel

In contrast with the traditional comprehensive or universal capital or endowment campaigns, major gift programs focus on a narrow set of sophisticated and experienced major donor prospects.   Requiring fewer volunteers, highly skilled solicitors and more controlled pacing, major gift programs involve a disciplined and intentional focus on those one to two hundred major gift prospects that have the capacity to influence the future course of an organization. Often a major gift program is a more manageable model for the care, cultivation and solicitation of an organization’s most capable major donor prospects.

At the heart of transformative giving is the concept of donative intent – moving the donor to consider a life-changing or institution-changing major gift. Major gift program counseling is ultimately about fostering donative intent and helping to align the donor’s desires and interests with the objectives of the major gift program.

Major gift program counseling services focus on structuring the program for the maximum impact on major donors. Skilled institutional strategists, our senior team members shift the focus to the prospective donors and the development of the necessary one hundred to two hundred donor-specific strategies. While narrower in scope, our work is to direct this program as if it were a collection of small, but critically important individual campaigns.