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Executive and Staff Coaching

Sometimes experienced managers and executives find themselves in positions in which they are expected to be great leaders. Having the right attitude and being open to learning, wise executives look for the kinds of mentors that can help turn natural talents into genuine leadership skills. From assisting the new CEO to updating the seasoned executive, Dini Spheris enhances the strategic, executive and management perspectives of your institutional leaders – improving their effectiveness, efficiency and focus. A trusted advisor to staff executives and managers, Dini Spheris partners with you as an advocate, sounding board, strategic resource and trainer in individualized and structured engagements. A Dini Spheris coach can help you address the issues of your first year in office or can help you to respond to your first institutional crisis – always with a goal to strengthening your skills, responsiveness and confidence in your leadership. At the end of this mentoring and training process, a confident and grounded executive is equipped to lead his or her staff and institution to achieve greater productivity and more robust results.