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Philanthropic Culture Coaching

More than a buzzword, a philanthropic culture supports an institution’s vision for the work of fundraising and the role of philanthropy relative to the organizational mission.

The marks of an institution with a healthy culture of philanthropy are:

  • A positive attitude toward fundraising
  • An understanding that philanthropy is central to mission delivery
  • A willingness to engage donors, not as financial resources, but as partners in the institutional mission

Dini Spheris designs and delivers philanthropic culture coaching that considers the current attitudes, opinions and interactions with the fundraising or advancement function. Then, we engage, analyze and coach institutional executives, the board, service delivery staff and donors in order to foster and reinforce a vibrant culture of philanthropy.

The result is an organization in which individuals and staff members alike are able to clearly articulate their mission, know what’s necessary to achieve results and work collaboratively, promoting both fundraising and the mission.

Dini Spheris has proven its proficiency for working with institutional executives and leaders, and creating and promoting cultures of philanthropy. We turn the perception of fundraising from an adjunct and accepted function to a critical and valued role, aligned with the fundamental mission of the organization.