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Philanthropic Coaching for Major Donors

Philanthropists, those experienced and those new to major giving, are often besieged by opportunities and requests to support organizations and institutions. What began as an impulse of generosity now requires a strategy and framework for decision-making.

Similarly, corporations and foundations sometimes need a helping hand to address times of transition or refocus their giving strategy. Dini Spheris helps you analyze giving practices, leadership interests and employee interests to shape a meaningful strategy for high-impact giving. If your organization would benefit from a better understanding of the nonprofit landscape in your market area, Dini Spheris can develop and prepare an overview and plan for you as well.

With years of experience in the major-gift arena, Dini Spheris’ senior team members are skilled at assisting individual philanthropists and organizations with establishing a personalized major-giving strategy and profile. This service gives you the confidence to make strategic giving decisions based on your core values, personal or corporate goals and a clear strategy for maximum philanthropic impact.