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Strategic Planning

Durable and transformational strategic visions have the power to change institutions. They elevate your program or services, enhance fundraising results and increase your organization’s impact.

Our holistic and disciplined approach to Strategic Planning is grounded in a process that combines the power of strategic vision setting with the discipline of articulating action plans and defining the metrics required to realize that vision.

The Dini Spheris process takes Strategic Planning beyond the traditional SWOT analysis and its three-year time horizon. Our experience has taught us that Strategic Planning is best accomplished through garnering the wisdom of your engaged constituents – institutional staff members, clients, consumers and donors. Truly transformational strategic plans require an investment of time, allowing for ideas and proposals to be researched and tested before becoming fixed goals.

With significant expertise in the application of Strategic Planning techniques, Dini Spheris partners with your organization to design, develop and facilitate a comprehensive planning process that yields transformational results.