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Constituent Giving Program Counsel

Some organizations have very specific, unique constituencies. They may be related to the mission, a particular program or have a specific historic relationship with the organization.

Dini Spheris develops programs that meet the needs and special relationships of your unique constituencies, whether that is a national volunteer network or big cat lovers at a zoo. The goal of these programs is to capitalize on the individuality of the constituency for more effective support. We make sure you optimize your program to do just that.

Constituent groups are most likely to be involved in continuous and sustaining support when they are actively engaged and directly addressed. Having specific programs that affect this level of engagement and communication is important to both annual and long-term capital and endowment support.

A key to effectively involving any special constituency is understanding the special relationship that binds them to your organization. The program must address and respond to the desires of your constituent group while driving organizational benefit. Constituent groups gain fulfillment seeing a particular dimension of a program – one aligned with their interests – expand and grow.