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Development Assessments

A Development Assessment is an opportunity to examine and take stock of the effectiveness, efficiency, performance and structure of your advancement office and fundraising programs; you may also have heard this referred to as a development audit. This service, conducted with the use of staff surveys, documentary review and best practice comparisons, will provide an in-depth review of critical advancement functions – from the management of your constituent relationships, staffing and philanthropic culture to your policies and back-office systems, practices and operations.

Often, Dini Spheris is asked to determine whether an institution’s advancement program is high performing. The Development Assessment can be a particularly helpful tool for programs that are seeking to advance in professionalism – or for the already high performing, to maintain their sharp edge.

The benefit of a Development Assessment is the objective perspective that counsel can provide coupled with a deep expertise in the management and functioning of the most successful organization’s fundraising staff, offices and programs.

At the end of the Development Assessment, you are provided with an evaluation of your program and specific recommendations for areas of improvement and modification. While working from a Dini Spheris model, the development audit for your institution is crafted to address the specific goals, needs and interests of your organization.