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Grateful Patient Program Counsel

Often an overlooked audience for healthcare fundraising is those who have benefitted from the skills, knowledge and technology of a healthcare institution. For some, the experience of great bedside nursing, keen insights of the physician or the advantages of costly research care can translate into major giving. For others, the care for a child or an aging parent can result in a grateful patient relationship.

The Dini Spheris approach to grateful patient programs is building a sustainable base of support for annual giving from those who have been patients and consumers of a client’s outpatient or inpatient healthcare services.

One key to establishing or maintaining a successful grateful patient program is your organization’s ability to segment the patient population and cultivate engagement based on capacity to give. Another vital element is the involvement of the healthcare team as advocates for philanthropy and grateful patient giving.

Our grateful patient counseling services are designed to meet you where you are as an organization, whether you need help building a new program or maximizing the effectiveness of your existing programs.