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Wealth and Giving Insights

One of the most frequently asked questions in today’s philanthropic market is: “Can you help us find a pool of new major gift prospects?” Institutions often purchase electronic screening services, but can be overwhelmed with the amount of information they receive.

Dini Spheris takes your data and often finds that missing pool of major gift prospects. Because these prospective major donors are less known by your organization, they frequently require special strategies, care and a longer-term investment for cultivation and engagement to yield the major gift results you desire.

We can help you understand these more remote prospects, how they give and how to engage them in your annual fund, capital campaign or special project. Dini Spheris can also help you identify who in this pool are the most likely candidates to make a major or planned gift. We help steward your major gift professionals, executives and volunteer leaders from the review of this data through cultivation and realizing major gifts.

Resource management is important to every development program. Dini Spheris can help you set your priorities when you have more constituents than time or staff. Wealth and Giving Insights help you determine where to spend your time for the highest return on your investment when it comes to new major gift prospects.