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Database Utilization

Of all the critical tools used to support the identification, cultivation, solicitation and stewardship of donors and prospects, few are more important than that of a well-organized, highly functioning and responsive data management system.

While not systems analysts or designers, we are experts at data organization and how to put that data to work for you. Dini Spheris knows that donor-related information has to be carefully and systematically managed in order to best serve your organization and its solicitors.

From the proper data entry protocols to the right constituency coding, the management of data and the right systems thinking ensures the data you put into a system supports your ongoing fundraising and constituency relationship management.

While there are many time-tested organizational models used in development, we help find the one that’s right for your organization. Evaluating, modeling and building the right staff is not only a talent, but a necessity. We help your leaders shape the right structure to fit the annual, major gift and planned-giving needs of your institution.