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From the coaching of institutional executives to the training of boards and fostering a positive philanthropic culture, Dini Spheris enhances the role you play in organizational leadership, fundraising and governance. These services are tailored to your needs, distinguishing you as one who is skillfully prepared, informed and equipped to meet the demands of today’s nonprofit institutions.

Interim Management

Hiring the right advancement staff takes time – don’t rush. Our team members may be the near-term answer. With years of institutional management expertise and full firm support, our consultants are equipped to staff or lead your program through our interim management services.

Philanthropic Culture Coaching

Philanthropic Culture Training supports an institution’s vision for the work of fundraising and the role of philanthropy relative to the organizational mission. A vibrant culture of philanthropy is a common dimension of institutions with high-performing fundraising programs.

Philanthropic Coaching for Major Donors

Dini Spheris is skilled at assisting individual philanthropists and organizations with establishing a personalized major-giving strategy based on your core values, personal or corporate goals and a clear strategy for maximum philanthropic impact.

Strategic Planning

Our holistic approach to Strategic Planning combines the power of strategic vision setting with the disciplines of articulating action plans and defining metrics. In this mission-sensitive work, we begin with the fundamental guiding values in order to generate the right plan for you.

Board and Volunteer Coaching

Board and Volunteer Training is designed to address the unique issues of your organization and add to your skills in such areas as governance, institutional advocacy and volunteer roles in fundraising.

Executive and Staff Coaching

Dini Spheris partners with you and your team as an advocate, sounding board, strategic resource and trainer in individualized and structured engagements to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and focus of your institutional leaders.