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Our Dini Spheris Performance services can help you to add a new tool or to refine and optimize the utilization of existing tools – for superior results and support of your institution’s fundraising function. From analytics to online giving and benchmarking, these services address the program and data support needs that help your institution perform at its very best.

Continuous Improvement

Planned Giving Program Counsel

Many institutions need assistance getting organized for planned giving. From opening the conversation to donor stewardship and establishing legacy giving societies, Dini Spheris can help you build a planned giving program to serve those who could make their life gifts to your institution.

Membership Program Counsel

Institutions with membership and dues-based programs present unique opportunities for fundraising. We help you to structure the right systems and messaging in order to optimize the fundraising impact associated with your membership-based constituency.

Grateful Patient Program Counsel

With our grateful patient program consulting, you can build a sustainable base of support for annual giving and special needs. We help you structure and retain the right supportive relationships with those who have benefitted from the skills, knowledge and technology of your healthcare team.

Constituent Giving Program Counsel

The goal of our constituent giving program consulting is to help you capitalize on the potential of your unique constituencies to increase engagement and, in turn, garner more effective support.

Annual Fundraising Counsel

A high-performing annual fundraising program is a critical component of a comprehensive development program. Dini Spheris considers your constituencies, relationships, tools and systems in forging the right annual fundraising model for each client.

Fundraising Analysis

Analytics Applications

Analytics Applications can help design the appropriate strategies and management plans that put your donor-related data and insights to work, helping you target and improve specific organizational programs, from your annual fund to your planned giving program.

Wealth and Giving Insights

Dini Spheris can help you identify potential major gift donors from the vast pools of information provided by electronic screening services, and develop strategies for the cultivation and engagement of these prospects.

Data Mining and Prospect Profiling

Data Mining and Prospect Profiling can help you understand your prospects and current donors’ interests, capabilities and history of engagement, allowing you to focus your resources more effectively.

Systems Optimization

Donor Recognition Program and Stewardship

The right recognition program is essential for donor stewardship. Dini Spheris can assist you in the development of a structured program that fosters loyal, long-lasting donor relationships.

Fundraising Policy Development

Dini Spheris will audit your current policies and processes using industry standards and best practices. We can help shape policy recommendations that guide your organization’s fundraising programs and keep ethical standards in place.

Social Media Engagement

Social media can be a great vehicle for engaging donors and volunteers in conversation, educating about programs and inviting input and opinions. However, it takes guidance and careful planning to do so in a meaningful and manageable way.

Online Giving Strategy

Recent elections have generated enormous interest in online giving. At the same time, donors are taking more advantage of online giving opportunities. Dini Spheris can help you integrate online giving into your annual fund or larger philanthropic program.

Technology Integration

We understand the importance new technologies play in today’s nonprofit landscape. Even more so, we know the importance of thoughtfully choosing the right technology options for your organization.

Staffing Solutions

The right staffing model is essential to running an effective organization. Through a detailed assessment of your daily operations, philanthropic practices, and your staff and leadership teams, Dini Spheris can help your leaders shape the right structure to produce the right results.

Database Utilization

A key to strong constituency relationship management is the utilization of best practices and a disciplined approach to data input, access and retrieval. There is more to fundraising than data, but responsible data management is a must in today’s marketplace.

Evaluation & Metrics


An electronic survey is an easily utilized tool that can help increase donor engagement and provide needed insights for donor cultivation. Dini Spheris constituent surveys can present a stand-alone resource to help you learn what you would like to know from your donors and prospective donors.


There is a benefit to knowing who your peers are and how your institution measures up. Dini Spheris benchmarking services help you to define your peers, compare organizational features and gauge your program performance or fundraising results.

Situational Market Analysis

Sometimes you may have questions about your core services or client satisfaction. A custom-designed situational market analysis can use a variety of tools, from focus groups to surveys to independent research, to measure the effectiveness and perceptions of your programs.

Development Assessments

For institutions looking to strengthen their advancement office and fundraising programs, a Development Assessment provides a thorough evaluation of a program and specific recommendations for areas of improvement.