#GivingUSA2019: 2018 Giving Increased by 0.7%

For over 60 years, Giving USA: The Annual Report on Philanthropy has provided comprehensive charitable giving data for reliant donors, fundraisers and nonprofit leaders. Published annually since 1956, Giving USA is the longest-running and most comprehensive report on philanthropy in the United States. Giving USA allows you to identify trends in charitable giving important to the success and […]

The Real Deal on Authenticity

A volunteer asked me recently, what exactly does it mean that there is an “art” to fundraising? There are many parts to the answer, but one of the most powerful fundraising arts is authenticity. Some of the most effective solicitations I’ve been a part of crafting came together when the volunteer solicitors enlisted support from […]

Every Campaign Needs an Owner

One of my hobbies related to my love of ideas is to study the origins of very ordinary and everyday words and expressions. Recently, I was thinking about a dimension of leadership that is a sine qua non – that is essential — for campaign success. I was thinking about the word “ownership.” The success […]

Every Call and Every Visit is a Learning Experience

So often in development or advancement meetings, whether with staff or volunteers, we spend so much time outlining the optimum cultivation strategy with the perfect moves involving just the right committee members. Our Herculean efforts sometimes have the feeling of pushing the stars to align them according to our will. We think through every word […]