Odessa College has shared a partnership with Dini Spheris for more than ten years, having first retained the team to work with their fundraising committee to develop a major gift strategy to raise $10 million to build a new Fine Arts Center, fund Learning Resource Center renovations and additions, and increase support for the athletics program and scholarships. During our initial engagement, the College received three seven-figure gifts from individual supporters. Dini Spheris has continued to work closely with Odessa College President, Dr. Gregory Williams, and the Foundation team, with a focus on Leadership Coaching, honing their approach to fundraising, deepening the sense of mission and establishing a bold culture for asking. Odessa College continues to celebrate proud milestones and achievements, such as receiving a $7 million grant from MacKenzie Scott in 2021 and, while celebrating its 75th Anniversary, breaking ground on the Wood Health Sciences Building.