Fundraising Policy Development

Dini Spheris will audit your current policies and processes using industry standards and best practices. We can help shape policy recommendations that guide your organization’s fundraising programs and keep ethical standards in place.

Social Media Engagement

Social media can be a great vehicle for engaging donors and volunteers in conversation, educating about programs and inviting input and opinions. However, it takes guidance and careful planning to do so in a meaningful and manageable way.

Online Giving Strategy

Recent elections have generated enormous interest in online giving. At the same time, donors are taking more advantage of online giving opportunities. Dini Spheris can help you integrate online giving into your annual fund or larger philanthropic program.

Technology Integration

We understand the importance new technologies play in today’s nonprofit landscape. Even more so, we know the importance of thoughtfully choosing the right technology options for your organization.

Staffing Solutions

The right staffing model is essential to running an effective organization. Through a detailed assessment of your daily operations, philanthropic practices, and your staff and leadership teams, Dini Spheris can help your leaders shape the right structure to produce the right results.

Database Utilization

A key to strong constituency relationship management is the utilization of best practices and a disciplined approach to data input, access and retrieval. There is more to fundraising than data, but responsible data management is a must in today’s marketplace.