Dini Spheris Marks 50 Years!


We, the family of consultants and employee-owners of Dini Spheris, are pleased to announce the celebration of our 50th year of service to philanthropy! It is with a spirit of genuine gratitude that we say thank you to the thousands of donors, trustees, chief executives and development professionals who have invited us to partner with their agencies and institutions over these five decades.

In 1969, our founder Richard F. “Dick” Dini, a former Harvard Medical School fundraiser, completed a $44 million campaign for Rice University and started the enterprise that would grow from Dini & Associates to today’s Dini Spheris. Over the years, the company has continued to reflect the combination of the highest professional standards for fundraising consulting coupled with a consulting style that looks and feels a lot like good friends partnering to achieve common goals.

Our success, year after year, has been measured in the impact of the organizations we have served. Through our clients we have educated physicians and health care professionals, advanced cancer research, transplanted organs, expanded access to higher education, amplified symphonic music and staged new plays and advanced literacy. The hungry have been fed and the homeless sheltered. We could not name the thousands of institutions we have served through our work as capital and endowment campaign consultants and strategic planners – but to each we owe a debt of gratitude.

Our work each day has been to serve, to better the world and lives, through our support of donors great and small. We could think of no greater privilege. As we embark on this year of celebrating 50 years of service, our focus remains on those we serve and how we can help our nonprofit clients achieve new heights, transformational impact and campaign success. So to every organization with which we have worked, every donor we have helped, every fundraising professional with whom we have partnered, our 50th anniversary wish is to say “Thank you for the privilege of being your partner.”

Here’s to the next 50 years of Dini Spheris service!

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