Harmony in Action: Building Win-Win Volunteer & Fundraising Programs | DOVIA Colorado + Dini Spheris

The most successful nonprofits know how to maximize volunteers to build mission awareness and increase fundraising activity. Whether it’s equipping your volunteers with a clear message so they can spread the word or involving them in expanding your organization’s donor prospect pool, there are numerous creative ways to leverage volunteers without intimidating them. During this session with DOVIA (Directors of Volunteers in Agencies in Colorado), Bronwyn Walker explores what makes volunteer and fundraising programs mutually beneficial, ultimately leading to greater organizational impact.

Speaker Bronwyn Walker, CFRE, stands as a seasoned expert in nonprofit management with a background in direct fundraising, consulting and C-level leadership.  Her firsthand experience as both a client and consultant of Dini Spheris positions her to drive positive action through thoughtful collaboration.  She loves leveraging philanthropy to fuel community impact.