Mackenzie Scott & Inspirational Philanthropy

Our hopes are indeed fed by others. And many come to fruition through the generosity of people like Mackenzie Scott. The giving spirit and the power of philanthropy never cease to be amazing and inspiring. We were thrilled to read about Scott’s incredible giving and to recognize so many of the familiar names on the list.

While recognizing this tremendous generosity on the part of Mackenzie Scott, we hope that many are inspired by her philanthropy. There are few who have the capacity to give as much or as broadly, but so many do have the potential to dig deep and give with enthusiasm to support such great human needs as we are seeing today. So to Mackenzie and to each great giver, thanks for being a hand up and support to those in need.

We encourage you to read the words of Mackenzie Scott in her article, “384 Ways to Help” where she discusses her bold approach to philanthropy.

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