‘Miracle League’ Teaches Special Needs Children the Game of Life

Evan West


They all play baseball for different reasons. Whether it’s the hits, home runs, or the friendships, but each child brings one thing to the ball park: an amazing attitude that you can see in every smile.

The Langham Creek YMCA Miracle League offers specials needs children a unique opportunity to play baseball, using the sport to teach lessons about the game of life.

“It’s so much more than baseball,” says Nanci Rutledge, the Vice President of Development at YMCA of Greater Houston. “It’s about the whole person. These kids are really developing, many of them are in walkers, have autisim, down syndrome, and when they come out here, they’re just a kid and that’s what we love.”

The Miracle League is the first of it’s kind in the Houston area. They play all of their games at a grass field at the Langham Creek YMCA, but plans are in place to build a new complex for the kids.

“We’re going to have new synthetic fields, where it’s going to allow the wheelchairs, the walkers, and the kids to get around more safely,” remarked Rutledge, also adding that complex will include two fields and a playground tailored for children with specials needs.

“We want this to be the hub for specials needs sports and programs.”

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