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For five decades, Dini Spheris has been helping institutions realize their major gift and campaign goals. With campaign funds in hand, buildings were erected, endowments grown and programs expanded. Through successful fundraising campaigns, institutions were able to realize their great and bold dreams. We know that you ultimately measure success by reaching your campaign’s financial goals, and so do we. Our customized campaign strategies and plans are crafted to respond to the context and goals of your organization for one purpose: campaign success. Your success.

Major Gift Program Counsel

Concentrating efforts on high capacity donors provides a more tailored and effective model for achieving your strategic objectives. Designed to address experienced funders, major gift counseling provides senior level support and donor specific strategies as you set the stage for transformative giving.

Campaign Readiness Counsel

Campaign success is heavily dependent on institutional readiness. We have the expertise to help you set goals, refine objectives, calibrate costs and engage constituents during complex pre-campaign planning. These services will ensure your vision, case, structure and systems are at the ready.

Campaign Management

Campaign Management provides more than a turnkey approach for your campaign. This service provides you a dedicated staff professional who sits in the driver’s seat, functioning as a member of your staff to lead your campaign.

Campaign Counsel

We use a team-based model of campaign counseling to direct and manage campaign operations in order to achieve transformational campaign results. From leadership coaching to prospect strategies and campaign dynamics, we provide counsel with one goal in mind – your success.

Campaign Capacity Building

Campaign Capacity Building addresses the needs of institutions that are new to major gift and capital campaign fundraising. In this service, Dini Spheris structures a program to ensure that the building blocks essential to campaign success are in place to make your organization “campaign ready.”

Campaign Advance®

Campaign Advance® is an exclusive Dini Spheris service that addresses the unique needs of institutions with a history of campaign success. Campaign Advance® moves beyond the stop-and-start of traditional campaign planning to a seamless transition into active campaigning and advance gift solicitation.

Campaign Planning Study

A Campaign Planning Study tests more than feasibility. It is a structured process of discovery with major gift prospects and potential campaign leaders. Through carefully crafted conversations, the campaign vision, objectives and goals are explored in order to shape a successful campaign strategy.